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What is Inside Property?

Real Estate and Property our passion. As a news aggregator, we provide a complete overview of the most important news in the industry. But that’s not all we do. In addition to our aggregating service, that collects news from the best sources in the industry, we also scout ourselves. We are constantly on the look for news topic to provide for you!

Like What?

Our news activity spans over the whole world. To provide you with the most relevant real estate news, we have categorized our page into global regions. We cover Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America. These are sorted into different sites. The latest news can be found on our mail page.

How does it work?

The real estate news industry has grown very large in the last couple of years. There are news portals for a variety of different topics. We believe in simplicity of things. So Inside Property allows its users to visit just one page instead of numerous ones, to gather all the relevant information needed for your daily business routine.

What is the benefit?

The main benefit we provide for our users is saving time. Everybody needs information on what’s going on in the property industry. But picking your relevant news bits off of many different homepages is very time consuming. With Inside Property, the whole world of property and real estate updates in neatly organized in a simple overview. Or you can decide yourself, which region is interesting to you. You are only active in the European real estate market? That’s fine, you can simply limit your news consumption to our Europe site!

Have fun using our service!

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